Accounting Webinars


The Mironov Group’s webinars include topics in financial management, general management, parts, sales, service, and truck management. These webinars are free and feature industry experts with information on trends, developments, and issues that affect your business.

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Habits of Highly Effective Office Managers

In this webinar learn how the best dealership office managers mastered the top ten habits that make their offices run better than good. In today’s changing automotive environment an office manager’s job is becoming more and more demanding. Learn hints from the most successful office managers which will help your office run like a finely tuned machine. Click here to view now

Where’s the Cash?

Cash is the fuel that keeps your dealership running, so why does it seem like it’s always on empty? In this webinar, dealers and managers will learn why their financial statements are not sufficient to create a cash management plan. Once you understand the common pitfalls and misconceptions in cash management, you will be able to create a plan that maintains a proper inventory and receivable level without creating excessive cash reserve. Click here to view now

Preparation for Year End Accounting Issues

Year-end approaches quickly and office managers/controllers need to begin preparing to stay on top of the process. During this 90-minute webinar we will walk you through some of the year end processes including payroll expense reconciliation, 1099 preparation, third party absentee record keeping, beginning preparations for accountant’s annual tax engagement and more.

A successful year end comes with orderly task lists and reminder of the routine responsibilities and assignments necessary to close another year. Click here to view now

Red Flags Update

You will learn the required compliance issues dealerships must have in place prior to the December 1, 2010 deadline. There are many misconceptions about the dealership’s responsibility. This webinar will help you understand the benefits of the program and how your dealership can simplify the required steps to develop effective Red Flag policies. Click here to view now

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