Consultant Profiles

Consultant Profiles

Christine Andrews

Christine AndrewsChristine Andrews is a consultant with The Mironov Group, LLC. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, evaluating and critiquing safeguards and expense controls in place in dealerships, and establishing internal controls that lead to more secure methods for safeguarding dealership assets. Christine has worked with more than 100 franchised dealerships in the eastern United States. In addition, she has over 15 years experience working in almost every dealership administrative position along with several management positions including finance manager and controller.

Robert Campbell

Robert CampbellRob Campbell’s experience in the retail automotive industry spans more than a quarter of a century, and he has served as a dealership consultant for over 20 years. He is focused on working with dealerships to improve their operations through better planning and financial review. Rob is nationally known for helping dealers understand and get better results from their fixed operations. With his extensive training and experience in fraud investigations, he also helps dealerships develop better internal controls to improve their business processes and risk management. With his operational understanding, Rob also performs due diligence reviews and constructs financial pro formas as required during buy-sells or by the manufacturer.

Rob’s career also includes serving as a manager in all areas of fixed operations as well as retail sales. He has held positions within the dealership, where he gained experience with 14 different franchises, including domestic, European and Asian brands.

A published author, Rob has written extensively about issues concerning dealership operations, fixed operations management and warranty administration. He has authored 17 books and manuals and also served as contributing editor for DealersEdge. He has conducted training sessions and worked as a consultant for many dealerships throughout the country. Rob is an accomplished webinar presenter and is a frequent and popular speaker at industry events, including nine NADA conventions.

Michele Desiderio

Michele DesiderioMichele Desiderio is an automotive consultant with The Mironov Group, LLC. She has been involved with dealerships since the 1980s. She has 13 years experience in automotive management positions where she was responsible for financial statement preparation for over 25 different franchises. She has extensive training in office as well as overall dealership operations. Her other qualifications include, but are not limited to, FTC, sales tax and 8300 compliance; administrative realignment; expense controls including pay plan restructures and support staff training. She also helps dealerships realize the true value of their internal computer system by bringing to the forefront aspects of the system that are underutilized. She has been involved in numerous system conversions and in creating a dealership’s entire set of journals, schedules and managerial reports.

Michael Roppo

Michael RoppoMichael Roppo is the director of fixed operations and a business development expert for the automotive practice of The Mironov Group, LLC. Michael is a speaker, author, trainer and facilitator with over 27 years of experience. He is also a partner of Automotive Domain, a consulting practice associated with The Mironov Group.

Louis Young

Louis YoungLouis Young is the director of client services with The Mironov Group, LLC. He manages business practice issues, regulatory oversight issues and state tax compliance. He also provides assistance with business brokering and business development. Lou’s responsibilities include coordinating specialized services for clients. These include, but are not limited to, line-item benchmarking, internal controls, financial statement analysis, fixed operations financial analysis, information safeguarding, operational reviews and warranty analysis. He assists clients with state regulatory oversight issues, including general compliance, consumer affairs and sales tax issues. He also provides assistance in the merger or acquisition of businesses in the automotive industry and markets the firm’s accounting and consulting services to this sector.

Lou develops and implements business alliances to better serve the industry. He participates on the New Jersey Business Taxation Committee, providing private sector advice to government leaders, and establishes ongoing relationships between the automotive retailing and automobile manufacturing industries. He is a recurring contributor to magazines and newsletters covering the retail automotive industry. He is a frequent speaker and presenter for many trade organizations, state dealership associations and dealership 20 groups. Lou has spoken to a variety of audiences within the auto dealership community and has presented a wide range of topics, including dealership profiles, state and federal regulations, franchise reimbursement and dealership valuation issues.