Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Recognizing the complexity inherent in tax law changes and their implications, our accounting firm in NJ maintains a specialized tax planning department dedicated to providing you with the highest quality tax services and helping you reduce your tax liability. Highly skilled and experienced in tax planning and compliance issues, our tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of international, federal, state and local tax regulations.

We work with you to ensure your tax reporting obligations are met in an accurate and timely manner and to help you minimize, eliminate or defer the payment of taxes and add value to your company. By keeping informed of tax code changes, we help you understand how they affect you and your business. One example is cost segregation. This is a prevalent tax deferral and depreciation tool. It is used to analyze the capitalized costs associated with a construction project for the purpose of maximizing the recovery period benefits for federal income tax purposes. Through cost segregation, the components of a construction project are reclassified into their proper class lives according to case law and revenue rulings. The proper segregation of property enables the taxpayer to take advantage of faster depreciation rates that are allowed for site improvements and personal property.

Consistent with our planning approach to tax services, we will discuss tax planning and related issues with you prior to year-end, and we’ll review tax law changes and interpretations to maximize your tax saving opportunities.

With Our Effective NJ Tax Planning Services, You Will Have Greater Assurance of:

  • Achieving your desired tax results
  • Cost segregation studies to accelerate depreciation
  • Limiting future interest and penalty payments
  • Realizing substantial cost savings
  • Reducing the likelihood of an IRS or state audit

Being tax compliant doesn’t have to be so taxing. Mironov simplifies the process to help you meet your tax obligations and keep more of your income.

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